They’ve got the power

Many, many years ago, I was in some University class, giving some speech, on something or another, and I was discussing how women control the finances at home, but weren’t taken seriously in the financial world.  My instructor, who had always been something of a chauvinist, stopped me and asked me for a source “on that fact”.  I had been stuck in several classes with this guy and I really disliked him, and I was quite annoyed that he had interrupted me – so I told him to open his eyes and look around at the world if he needed a source.  Probably didn’t get an A on that one.     

I come from a long line of alpha females and it was just common sense to me that women control the checkbook – and I have finally been vindicated.  The word is out. Of all the money spent in all the homes across the country – women make 80% of all the final buying decisions.

Who’s the apple of marketers’ eye? It is not free-spending teens or men 25-50. Its women, thanks to their one-two punch of purchasing power and decision-making authority. “

-Business Week

Now, of course, everyone is jumping on the skirted bandwagon.  NBC got into the game in 2005 when they paid $600 million for iVillage.  .  Today they have 16 million unique visitors and an Alexa ranking of 1657, making it one of the top destinations for women online.  It’s an eclectic mix of news, information and forums, which is kept fresh daily and has been for the past 10 years.  The company generates over $100 million in advertising revenues from brands like Dell, Fido, Tide and Lipton.  I don’t mind iVillage – they get a little pushy sometimes with the email offers – but not too bad. 

There’s also Café, who launched in November 2006 and claim 2.1 million unique and 99 million pageviews last month – They picked up  $5 million in funding in August 2007 but it seems to me as just a huge jumble of blogs and discussion groups with no order – I’m not saying that there aren’t some good groups there – but I saw a lot of spam – a lot of groups with 1 member and a lot of complaints about “bashing”.  It seems to be a little out of control.   I did find it interesting to read quite a bit of discussion about “no men allowed” on cafemom – when the entire thing is owned by two men.)  

Now I’ve run across– They’re the new guys in town, with Big Daddy Warner Brothers footing the bill.  They’re doing a news feed in blog format – with an odd discussion forum/wiki kind of thing.  The news feed definitely has its good days and its bad days.First time I visited their site, they has one blog about maxim’s supermodel picks, the next one was about sex, but with a picture of a sexy blonde woman biting a pair of underpants, and then another one about picking out video games – didn’t seem to quite fit with the “mom” demographic.   However, their original content is usually good, they’ve had a few really interesting interviews, and they have a nice layout with some good colors and designs.  Their discussion forum is difficult to navigate though – they’re using wetpaint – needs some design work


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