How Far Would You Go?

There’s a chef around town who is the epitome of urban legend.  If anyone knows a chef, or has worked in the hospitality industry, then you understand that Chefs can be just a tad temperamental at times. Everyone agreed that this particular chef was absolutely phenomenal at creating food but no one could work with him.  In fact, he was hired and fired by one restaurant 5 times.

As with virtually all Chefs, his real dream was to own his own restaurant, but bank financing was just not an option.  His less then stellar employment history added up to no money and no credit.    

So what did he do? Walking despondently down the street, the only solution he could come up with was to throw himself in front of a car…………………  .  

One week later, full leg cast on and still in a wheelchair, he rolled down one of the trendiest streets in the city, insurance check in hand, and leased his first restaurant.

Totally true tale – unemployed, accident, crash, cast, check, restaurant –  he now has two restaurants and a published cookbook (probably could have had a chain of restaurants by now – but he’s still notoriously difficult to work with). 

Realistically, no one knows how accidental the accident was. It was most likely just one of those bumps in life’s road that ended up being incredibly fortunate for him. But the real point is that this man never, ever gave up on his dream.  When no one else believed in him, he still had the biggest supporter that any of us can have, he had himself. 

And when you have that unquenchable fire in your belly, you have to take that leap of faith and follow it where fate leads you……. Just not in front of a car please.


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