Am I Buying What Nike Is Selling?

According to Money Magazine – Nike is introducing a “green” version of the Air Jordan XX3.  Apparently, the manufacturing process reduces chemicals and waste. 

(read : Nike’s clean Air Jordans)

Although I’ll always applaud any company for taking any step towards a greener future, but the reduced toxins in the air don’t take away the bad taste in my mouth when I think of what life is like in a Nike Factory. 

Am I wrong?  Has Nike done enough to straighten up it’s act?  Or should this “green” product be white – as in whitewash. 


One Response to “Am I Buying What Nike Is Selling?”

  1. John5150 Says:

    I got to admit I was a crazy AJ shoe fan back in the day. I got every shoe up to 13. My 3rd to the last AJ purchased were the White/Blue jean 13’s. Next were the Retro Grey IV’s. My last & final were the Camel color 13’s.

    I’m sorry to say this, but after the 13’s the shoe just got butt ugly. The 14’s were a joke. Come on, if it wasn’t for the jumpman on the shoe, the shoe would look butt ugly – something you would see at the end of a grocery aisles. Then came the 15’s. I didn’t think Nike and MJ could top off an uglier shoe! The 15’s sick in a disgusting way not the “sick” we are all use to hearing. Ugly, Ugly, Ugly! I think the prices and finally growing also played a role to how I preceive the shoes.

    You guys can have the new joints, I’ll stick to the old school J’s – anything before the 13’s.


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