Does American Idol Still Have It?

american-idol.jpgRolling Stone interviews a rather whiny Chris Daughtry, who wonders if people will watch American Idol again this year. My vote is yes, with a disclaimer – they had better start thinking long term.

Daughtry asks if there’s anyone left to audition who’s good enough. I feel pretty confident, that in a country of 300 million people, there might be someone left who could match him in (ahem) talent.

However, he does raise an excellent point that the competition is losing credibility, but why?

I think it’s obvious that their marketers are lazy. They want to sell cds and concert tickets to 13 year olds, because that’s all anyone in the music industry wants to sell to. They have a formula, and they’re going to follow it, no matter what.

And let’s face it, part of that formula really works. Everyone watches the auditions because they’re funny. Now that you have the auditions under your belt, you might as well tune in for the semi finals, see who looks interesting, it’s Tuesday, nothing else to do anyways. Once the semi’s are over, you have time commited to this thing, you have to see it through.

Seeing it through can be alot of fun. There’s lots of big names, bright lights, and Simon, Paula and Randy have been like family since season 3. Where they go wrong, is with being lazy with their final product – they’re the fireworks show whose big bang is a dud.

To get that golden ticket to Hollywood week, you had better be pretty. I have no problem with pretty, but this is a singing competition, not a cat walk. I don’t think I need to point out all the unattractive singers who have had us all singing and air guitaring for years. Admittedly, there’s been none since boy and girl bands have been an easy way to a quick buck., but I swear, you used to have to have talent to get a record contract.

By the time we get to the final 10, they all look the same, they all sing the same, and all originality has been weasled out. American Idol fans want a winner that they can follow for years, so the five months of their life they spent watching the show, was more then just 60 hours on the couch.

People loved Taylor Hicks, just not the 13 year olds. Instead of trying to come up with a campaign that would fit Taylor, they tried to make Taylor fit the campaign – and that’s just laziness.

So yes, I just finished watching the first night of the auditions, and I’m ready for tomorrow night, but there had better be some substance to the final contestants, I gave up Barbie and Ken years ago.

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