Oprah Moves One Step Closer To World Domination

oprah.jpgMy Question is – how much Oprah is too much? And I’m not Oprah bashing – I humbly, humbly, bow to her accomplishments, she is an absolutely amazing business woman, earning $260 million in 2007 alone, currently worth an estimated $2.5 billion. 

I couldn’t help but notice though, that the only person who has ever been on the cover of Oprah magazine is well…. Oprah. I personally look forward to her ensemble change each month.

Now, she’s teaming up with Discovery to start her own television station, (not her first time in, she was part of Oxygen back in the late 90’s), which will be called OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network. Oprah is an icon, she’s just on a different plane then the rest of us, but she has stumbled along the way; and I always wince for her when she does.

I’m feeling a teensy bit of a wince right now. We all love Oprah, but an hour a day is more then sufficient. The problem with Oprah is that everything she does is very “Oprahish”. It’s very inspirational, very deep, very be-all-that-you-can-be. So although I realize that OWN won’t be 24 hours of Oprah’s face, I’m concerned that it will be 24 hours of “you should really be working at making yourself better”; while most of us enjoy spending tv time ” not quite intelligently as we could or should”. If we didn’t, would any of us, have any idea, of what Scott Baio is doing?

It’s reported that they’re on the hunt for a CEO, I just hope she invests in some good comedy writers too – because it’s o.k. to relax once in a while Oprah – it’s o.k.

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