Women In Business – Losing The Fight In Canada?

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Being reported in the Globe and Mail Today – the number of women, in top executive positions, has fallen in Canada over the past year.

“Just 31 women hold the highest-paid executive jobs in the 100 largest publicly traded companies. That’s down from 37 last year, according to the study by executive search firm Rosenzweig & Co.”

From The Article :

“Of the six positions that declined, two were eliminated because of corporate restructuring after mergers, two of the companies that were included last year are no longer in the top 100 and the other two were retirements of women who were replaced by men. ”

so that tells us, that not one of the top 100 companies in Canada promoted a woman in 2007


What is going on?

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2 Responses to “Women In Business – Losing The Fight In Canada?”

  1. Guerrillero Says:

    to me simply the competition is becoming more fierce and men-lead corporative cultures return to the belief men are stronger…a pity and a real unjustice!

  2. TheRoyston Says:

    I was quite shocked when I read this – it’s a 16% drop from where we were a year ago – I guess political correctness went out the window

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