Tom Cruise Video – Disaster or Divine Marketing Intervention?

tom-cruise.jpgI finally got around to watching the now infamous, Tom Cruise clip; and call me suspicious, but I can’t help but see, for right or wrong, how much good this video is actually going to do for scientology.  I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the Scientologists leaked it to the media, knowing full well the attention it would receive. 

(to see the video : )

Say what you will about Tom Cruise, he has generated over $2.7 billion dollars in film revenues.  He earned $67 million dollars in 2006, and was named Forbes #1 Power Celebrity; his baby is even powerful.  I could go on and on, listing all his accomplishments and accolades, but I think it’s suffice to say, Tom Cruise has a face that a whole lot of people like.

When you watch that video, sure it’s a little odd, but you still have Tom Cruise looking fabulous, in a fabulous office, talking about wanting to help people.  The video is released right when Katie is on David Letterman, Tom is hanging out with Jerry Seinfeld, and everyone looks shiny and beautiful.  

We have to remember that Scientology isn’t targetting newspaper reporters or critics, they’re targetting people who may be missing something in their lives,  people who may want to be like Tom Cruise, who might want the opportunity to hang around the shiny, happy scientologists. 

And Scientology is all a big secret – we’ve been getting snippets over the past few years,  all the speculation – but we really don’t know what’s going on.  So we can’t help ourselves, we search out the video, to see what Tom’s rambling about this time, to see if we can find out what all the mystery is – it’s better then the DaVinci Code. 

Sure, the Scientologists put up a fuss and had the video removed from YouTube,  but the video was out there, there would be no stopping it.  The lawsuit just adds to the “They Don’t Want You To See This” flavour of the whole situation.  Now you’ve had millions of people sit through 8 minutes of Tom Cruise talking about how much he loves Scientology, and how it has changed his life.  This is a man with a life that the rest of us could only dream about.          

So call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think this was all a publicity stunt to raise Scientology membership numbers; and I bet you $2.7 billion dollars that for right or wrong,  it works.   


2 Responses to “Tom Cruise Video – Disaster or Divine Marketing Intervention?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

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