Social Networking +Gambling = HubDub

hubdub.jpgThe Scottish have done it again. Nigel Eccles and his partners, Tom Griffiths, Chris Stafford and Rob Jones, have just launched A cross between “Digg” and Las Vegas, Hubdub lines up the news stories of the day and members bet on the outcome. When you sign up, you automatically receive $1000 hub dollars, logging in gets you an extra $20 hubs, and if your prediction is right, you win the whole hub kitty.

I’ve already signed up to try it out – I did not receive my $1000 hubs – but I’m assuming that’s just a glitch at this point. My biggest concern for the team right now is the layout – there’s something about the colours and the fonts, that’s just not appealing to my eye. However, we do like to gamble don’t we? We like to be right don’t we? And what better way to prove your intellectual superiority then beating a bunch of absolute strangers?

I think this one has some traction to it.

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