Ebay – saying one thing, meaning another – Will the Fee changes backfire?

Ebay gathered up all their top buyers today to hand out the good news – they’re lowering fees. This is where all the Ebay sellers are supposed to jump up and down, praise the Ebay overlords, and head home to start listing everything in their house, because this is such a fantastic opportunity.

What they’re not supposed to do is actually sit down and figure out what all the new changes are actually going to mean. Ebay and Beyond, (along with various other sources) actually did sit down and do the math, and fees are actually going up in the 40-50% range. Because while Ebay did throw the dog a bone, by giving free gallery images, and lowering insertion fees, they also have raised commissions. So it may be a little cheaper to put your item up, it will cost you more when you sell it.

Of course, none of this touches on the fact that sellers can no longer leave negative feedback for buyers, which leaves the entire Ebay system open to anarchy. Ebay sellers live and die by their feedback ratings, now buyers have all the cards. I think we can all agree that there are criminals all over Ebay, I can only imagine how they’ll utilize this to their advantage, and how many honest sellers are going to get burned.

I realize that Ebay is a juggernaut, and a lifeline for thousands of small businesses. However, I never thought that the sales opportunities offered by using Ebay, ever outweighed the fees, hassles and utter nonsense that often comes along with it.

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3 Responses to “Ebay – saying one thing, meaning another – Will the Fee changes backfire?”

  1. Charles Says:

    I would like to say that selling on ebay gets harder and harder,especially with the ever increasing fees. A few tricks to remember First, you must be aware of eBay’s™ policies. Second, you need to insure that you do not violate these policies. And third, you must monitor your competition to insure that they too are not violating eBay’s™ policies. You have to understand that eBay wants you to purchase every possible option because that is where they make their money. Don’t use the list in second category if your profit potential is not there to support, any additional images or upgrades doubles your fees so don’t do it. Always use the second chance offer , when you have sold a item and there were other bidders ebay will send them a email giving them a second chance offer so if it sells to one of these other bidders you win. If they do not purchase there are no listing fees , it is a way of getting free listings on ebay. There is also a little know tool you can use to evaluate your products selling potential. Example: If you are selling a Fujifilm Finepix A700 Go to advanced search ,enter the phrase of the item you are selling and select Completed listings only , now remember this sometimes you can select advanced search and ebay does not show you the complete advanced search. So do a regular search ,wait for the results then select advanced search and your phrase will automaticly be included. Now you can compare your price to auctions that sold or did not sell and evaluate wheather or not your item has a selling potential for the price you paid and how much profit you can receive after fees. The green Prices are auctions that had winning bidders and the red prices are auctions where the item did not sell. We hope this will help auction sellers we have more tricks and stratiges use the contact us page on our website https://www.mydiscountwholesaler.com And ask us a question or need advice on dropshipping or something else we will be glad to help as many of our resellers are ebay sellers also , we have a little knowledge on selling on ebay.

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