More Support For Telecommuting

cio-logo_180x109.gifBig Thanks to CIO’s  Meridith Levinson  for sending in this link :

“How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Telecommuting” 

It’s a detailed account of how Dr. John Halamka developed a flexible work arrangement program for CareGroup. It gives great info on the programs, processes and systems he’s utilized to make telecommuting a success for his employees.  I urge all employers to at least look at the information he has provided. 

What I found really interesting though was the fact that the first thing Dr. Halamka discusses is how “the travel required to bring employees together in an office has become burdensome and expensive.”

With any luck, more companies will follow CareGroup’s lead, and something good will come out of these skyrocketing gas prices. 


One Response to “More Support For Telecommuting”

  1. Meridith Levinson Says:

    So glad to read you found the story useful. I hope your readers did, too!

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