You Gotta Love The Environmentally Friendly Vodka

vodka_1.jpgSee – Anything can be Green – even Vodka. 

Jumping on the environmental train is McCormick Distillery and their new Vodka 360 . Recycled bottles, environmentally friendly labels and ink, and a charitable donation to boot – there’s no reason not to buy Vodka 360.  

Another excellent example of companies using a Green theme to make their products stand out on the shelf.  The Vodka 360 brand now has a “feel-good” aura to it, that will have hands reaching for their bottles, instead of the competition’s. has a full review here:

360 Vodka: World’s First Eco – Friendly Premium Spirit


2 Responses to “You Gotta Love The Environmentally Friendly Vodka”

  1. Environmental Diary Says:


    Are you kiddin’?

  2. TheRoyston Says:

    no lol! I’ve said a few times that “green” is the new thing for business – everyone’s jumping on the train

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