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I’m very happy to let you know that I’ve been very busy – blogging for the Green Business News,  at  Please swing by and visit me over there for the latest in environmental news that’s relevant to business, and of course make sure to keep visiting the Royston Review. I’ll still be posting here regularly – stay tuned!


Advertisements – pass it along

freericelogo.gifExcellent, excellent program.  Stop giving your free time to Scrabulous and Facebook; give it to and help feed the hungry. 

Free Rice has a fabulous vocabulary game. The game itself is easy to use, the words are interesting, and the difficulty adjusts to your personal level.  Your mental dictionary will definitely improve. The best part of course is that as you’re playing it,  you’re generating ad revenues which will purchase rice for the United Nations World Food Program. 

We’re spending hours every day, fiddling around with all the games and toys on Facebook, but the only people that helps is Facebook.  Do a little good today and spend some time on – and tell your friends too. 

You Gotta Love The Environmentally Friendly Vodka

vodka_1.jpgSee – Anything can be Green – even Vodka. 

Jumping on the environmental train is McCormick Distillery and their new Vodka 360 . Recycled bottles, environmentally friendly labels and ink, and a charitable donation to boot – there’s no reason not to buy Vodka 360.  

Another excellent example of companies using a Green theme to make their products stand out on the shelf.  The Vodka 360 brand now has a “feel-good” aura to it, that will have hands reaching for their bottles, instead of the competition’s. has a full review here:

360 Vodka: World’s First Eco – Friendly Premium Spirit

Greenpeace loves Sony

sony-notebook.jpgBlog and Run:

Greenpeace has released their guide to electronics this week and gave a big thumbs up to the Sony TZ.  The TZ has no beryllium in it, one of the most harmful chemicals we know. Congratulations to Sony!

Full Review from Wired

Full Report from GreenPeace

Lawyers of The Amazon

amazon1.jpgThe days of large oil companies running amok through the rainforest, destroying villages and lives, as they frantically search for more oil, are over.  The tribes are ready to fight back. Not with guns, not with grenades, but with lawyers – and nothing is scarier then a lawyer.

The BBC news is reporting that the Achuar tribe, of the Peruvian rainforest, have filed a lawsuit against Occidental Oil.  The suit is claiming for damages for 30 years of contamination that Occidental left behind. 

“We can’t allow this, we’re a new generation, we know how to read and write and we have to help our people because they didn’t have the knowledge to defend themselves against the oil companies. But now we do.”

Full Article here:

Peru Tribe Battles Oil Giant Over Pollution

Cat Walk 2009- Battery Wear

Blog and Run: 

You know how every time you need to make an important phone call, your battery is always dead? Well, by next year, instead of looking for an outlet to plug into, you’ll be plugging into your pocket.    

David Smith from the Guardian is reporting that Fujitsu Siemens is almost ready to introduce solar panels for the arms of our jackets.  I guess this means that we’ll have to think of new excuses about why we didn’t answer when our mother called.  

More Support For Telecommuting

cio-logo_180x109.gifBig Thanks to CIO’s  Meridith Levinson  for sending in this link :

“How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Telecommuting” 

It’s a detailed account of how Dr. John Halamka developed a flexible work arrangement program for CareGroup. It gives great info on the programs, processes and systems he’s utilized to make telecommuting a success for his employees.  I urge all employers to at least look at the information he has provided. 

What I found really interesting though was the fact that the first thing Dr. Halamka discusses is how “the travel required to bring employees together in an office has become burdensome and expensive.”

With any luck, more companies will follow CareGroup’s lead, and something good will come out of these skyrocketing gas prices.