Free Sex is Apparently A Good Investment

I think we’ve just found the next wave in online porn (and let me remind you that online porn generates $97.06 billion dollars every year, with 72 million monthly visitors, 1/3 of them women)

If you’re ever in Prague, you can swing by the Big Sister brothel and have sex with a prostitute, for free. All you have to do is agree to have your rendezvous taped and put up on their website – which is currently receiving 15,000 hits per month, and charging a $45 monthly subscription fee.

It’s one of those ideas that was right there all along – but it’s a 26 year old marketing manager named Carlos, and his secret Swiss backers that have put it together. The brothel was renovated in 2005, with theme rooms and video equipment, and has generated more then $5 million euros since then.

I can just imagine the mad scramble happening with porn investors since this was reported in Bloomberg last week.  How many designers are working on “Pirate” and “Roman Slave Girl” theme rooms right now?

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