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I’m very happy to let you know that I’ve been very busy – blogging for the Green Business News,  at  Please swing by and visit me over there for the latest in environmental news that’s relevant to business, and of course make sure to keep visiting the Royston Review. I’ll still be posting here regularly – stay tuned!



$7 Trillion for Clean Energy

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CNN has “Pressure, Private Cash, Driving Clean Energy”  – a quick review on a report from the CERA (Cambridge Energy Research Associate).   Daniel Yergin, the Chairman of the CERA,  is estimating that $7 trillion will be invested in clean energy by the year 2030. 

I personally believe that $7 trillion is probably a light estimate, and they’re pegging wind power as the next big thing, when I think it’s going to be solar, but it’s a great reminder, that even in hard economic times, there are areas that will flourish. 

Am I Buying What Nike Is Selling?

According to Money Magazine – Nike is introducing a “green” version of the Air Jordan XX3.  Apparently, the manufacturing process reduces chemicals and waste. 

(read : Nike’s clean Air Jordans)

Although I’ll always applaud any company for taking any step towards a greener future, but the reduced toxins in the air don’t take away the bad taste in my mouth when I think of what life is like in a Nike Factory. 

Am I wrong?  Has Nike done enough to straighten up it’s act?  Or should this “green” product be white – as in whitewash.