Lawyers of The Amazon

amazon1.jpgThe days of large oil companies running amok through the rainforest, destroying villages and lives, as they frantically search for more oil, are over.  The tribes are ready to fight back. Not with guns, not with grenades, but with lawyers – and nothing is scarier then a lawyer.

The BBC news is reporting that the Achuar tribe, of the Peruvian rainforest, have filed a lawsuit against Occidental Oil.  The suit is claiming for damages for 30 years of contamination that Occidental left behind. 

“We can’t allow this, we’re a new generation, we know how to read and write and we have to help our people because they didn’t have the knowledge to defend themselves against the oil companies. But now we do.”

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Peru Tribe Battles Oil Giant Over Pollution


Turn Trash “Green” and Attract Fortune #3 Investment

trash.jpgAnother case and point that investment dollars are chasing down “Green Projects”

Although we don’t know the exact dollar figure yet, it’s being reported that General Motors (NYSE:GM) is investing in Coskata, a biology based renewable energy company. Coskata holds the patent on a process that turns wood chips, farm waste, pop bottles, and other trash, into ethanol gas. Ready for market in 2 years, the cellulosic ethanol is expected to be priced $1.00 cheaper then regular ethanol.

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